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Bax Birding Tours can provide you with escorted bird watching and natural history tours of The Gambia. Under the expert guidance of Bakary Manneh (Bax) we will arrange to take you to the best locations in The Gambia for birds and other wildlife. We can also build itineraries for those with an interest in photography, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, plants, flowers, local culture and history.

With over 500 species, The Gambia is one of the most accessible and rewarding bird watching locations in Africa. It is a small country with a vast range of habitats that can be explored relatively quickly.

Many people travel from Northern Europe in the hope of seeing lots of wonderful and unusual wildlife and for those ‘in the know’ they realise that a local guide with expert knowledge will add so much more to their trip.

Bax Birding Tours can organise all types of trips for all group sizes and we will also arrange to collect and deliver you back to your hotel. So whether it is a casual days birding locally or a full blown expedition travelling further afield, contact us today for a quotation.

Bax Birding Tours is your natural choice for The Gambia


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